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  1. Waxing isn’t as scary as you think!

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    I wanted to share some more thoughts about waxing with you. This time, a combination of my thoughts along with feedback from my clients regarding different waxing procedures. I am pleased that waxing has solved many problems for my clients and now they certainly prefer waxing as opposed to shaving because of the long-term effects that it boasts.

    Legs, underarms, and face waxing

    Here’s what some of my clients have said so far:

    • I feel very feminine now with soft and smooth legs without the hair. It’s nice now to go to the beach, swimming pool, or when wearing a skirt or a dress.
    • I am not afraid to raise my arms, knowing that my armpits are smoothly waxed
    • It’s not as painful because the waxing is done quickly and with good wax
    • I don’t need to worry about hair regrowing after a couple of days as it does after shaving
    • Ingrown hairs are not a problem anymore as long as I use exfoliation and correct moisturisers after waxing

    Bikini Zone

    This is perhaps the most worrisome area for waxing. Most women are afraid of the pain, but the biggest problem is embarrassment because this is done in a very intimate place. It is certainly understandable though. Therefore, here are some tips and ideas for clients who are thinking about bikini waxing:

    To avoid additional pain, it should be remembered hair length plays an important role. The longer the hair, the more painful it will be. The ideal length of hair to be waxed is about 6 mm. I can also say that it is only the most uncomfortable and painful the first time. If you repeat the procedure regularly then it isn’t as painful each time, this is because the hairs grow back weaker and less dense.

    Regarding embarrassment – do you remember your first visit to the gynecologist? Did you survive? I bet that afterwards you were probably wondering what you were so worried about? It’s the same with bikini waxing! This procedure is only performed by a female therapist, and in fact she is actually trying to make it more of a comfortable and less embarrassing experience for you as possible. She understands very well how you feel!

    Here’s some of the things that my clients have said after their bikini waxing with me:

    • I chose bikini waxing because I’m fed up with the spots that come after shaving
    • I chose bikini waxing because I was fed up of the hair itching after every few days from shaving
    • It’s a wonderful and clean feeling after waxing
    • I had far less pain waxing than eyebrow threading 🙂
    • I’m not going to miss a treatment for more than one month, it feels beyond compare, and it’s not worth saving money by missing treatments to go back to shaving
    • ‘Mum, it’s time to do waxing,’ here’s my daughter’s words who a few months ago began to ‘allow’ treatment. Although before that she feared the pain and vowed that she would never have waxing done 🙂
    • The pain was less than I imagined

    So dear, if you want to try waxing but you’re prevented by the fear of it after hearing other people’s ‘horrific’ stories, then maybe it is worth finding out the truth for yourself? Then you’ll find it’s not so bad after all!

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  2. How To Properly Prepare For Waxing

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    Waxing is a quick and efficient method of hair removal for your legs and bikini area. It’s the best way to ensure the slowest grow back time. This is because waxing actually removes all of the hair from the hair follicles deep down which causes them to take their time regrowing new hair.

    The procedure is a little painful, but afterwards the skin will become soft and lush. The hair takes about 4 or 5 weeks to grow back. This is a great method of hair removal before your holiday.

    For the best results we recommend the following before any waxing procedure:

    1. Exfoliate the skin that will be waxed using a good peeling scrub. This not only removes dead skin cells but it also gives you the best prevention against ingrowing hairs.
    2. The ideal hair removal length is 6mm. If the hair is strong, it is better to wait until it is about 1cm long. Don’t give in to the temptation to wax earlier if you just start to see new short hairs.
    3. When choosing a bikini waxing you should take account of your menstrual cycle because the body’s hormones and blood flow changes affects your tolerance to pain. The best time to wax is in the middle of your menstrual cycle, during ovulation itself.
    4. Choose a professional who is experienced with waxing. It avoids the risk of injuring your skin. Professionals may make it look easy, but by trying yourself at home you may just find that it’s not as easy as it looks and you might land yourself in big trouble!
    5. When you arrive for waxing make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothing that won’t irritate the freshly waxed skin.

    Waxing can irritate the skin, therefore here’s what you need to do afterwards:

    1. Avoid the sun for at least one day. Avoid saunas, and don’t have hot baths and showers for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
    2. A few hours after waxing, avoid contact with water and any soaps on waxed areas.
    3. Do not forget to hydrate the skin.
    4. 1-2 times a week use a peeling scrub (perfect ingrown hair prevention).

    Enjoy the sun and your holidays!

    All the best,

  3. What you should know about waxing

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    Depilation is the removal of unwanted hair from the skin surface and it has become one of the modern woman’s regular routines. Delicate, landscaped skin looks good, feels good, and makes you feel more confident.

    Waxing is best for long-term hair removal. The hair will only grow back after 3-4 weeks and will start to grow less frequently and weaker the more often you have a waxing treatment. Unfortunately, the same can not be said about shaving creams or foams, where the hair grows back quicker. The waxing procedure is suitable for any type of skin, and any type of hair. Therefore waxing is perfect before a holiday in the sun!

    Waxing advantages compared to the electric epilators:

    • Saves time
    • Metal contact with the skin can cause an allergic reaction
    • Electric epilator can leave hair
    • Waxing over the long-term reduces the likelihood of ingrowing hair

    Probably the most unpleasant for all women is the bikini waxing. I’ll try to give some advice how to avoid unpleasant surprises before such intimate beauty treatments.

    1. Open mindedness. Clearly it can be an uncomfortable procedure to be half-naked in front of a strange woman who will be touching your private parts! Try to imagine your visit to the beauty therapist being similar to a visit to your gynaecologist and nothing more.
    2. Hair removal around the anus is painless. The difference with Hollywood waxing is that all hair is removed from front to back. Understandably you might be apprehensive about having the hair around your anus waxed but due to the lack of nerve endings in this area it will not be painful at all! So you can choose Hollywood style without fear.
    3. When to wax. The ideal hair length for efficient waxing is 5mm in length. Reaching this length of hair growth takes about a week for most people.
    4. 24-hour break from sports and sex. We should not ignore these rules in order to avoid a negative reaction after the procedure because the bikini area will be sensitive. Friction, sweat or other irritation may cause trouble.
    5. The inevitable stigma. Always the most horrible the first time. But know only one thing: You’re neither the first nor the last who has had the procedure. To feel better, talk with your beauty therapist about your fears. She is also a woman and knows how you feel. After the connection it will be easier to endure the procedure. Do not forget, the woman conducting the procedure takes confidentiality and ethics seriously.
    6. Destress with a shower or bath before. To remove tension before the procedure you can take a shower or bath. You will feel more confident and stress free, because you know that you are clean and smell good.
    7. Appropriate clothing. After the procedure the bikini area will be quite irritated, sensitive and some times, rarely, you may even feel a little pain. So pick cotton, sweat absorbing underwear and less formal and baggy clothes. Tight, skinny jeans are not very well suited in this situation.

    Aftercare Advice

    Immediately after waxing it is not recommended to bathe in a hot tub, lake, river, sea or swimming pool for at least 24 hours

    Do not rush to sunbathe or visit the solarium for at least 24 hours.

    No sex and active sport for at least 24 hours.

    Most women dream to kick off the warm clothes and proudly display their perfect skin. So do not hesitate and book an appointment with Daiva for your hair removal now!