11 Mistakes you make while caring for your facial skin (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the face care series. Last time we covered how sun affect skins, skins cleansing, eye cream, and putting unnecessary stress on our faces.

6. Using day cream instead of night cream
Day and night creams have a completely different purpose. Day Cream is for the purpose of protecting and moisturizing. It moisturizes and protects against the hardships of the day such as UV rays, dust, pollution and other similar things. Our skin regenerates at night, so everything that the skin requires is therefore contained in a night cream. Night cream should be used after the age of 25.

7. All too often or too rarely using skin scrub (peeling).
Always consult a specialist on how often and how you should use a skin peeling scrub. After skin analysis, the beautician will recommend where to use and where to avoid using scrub (eg. avoiding areas with Cuperosis). If your skin is oily then scrub shouldn’t be used very often, and if you have dry skin then you should use a lighter scrub.

It was the case with my daughter, who decided to use peeling scrub every day, because the skin was very oily. After the doing this she noticed that her skin became more oily. It should be understood that our skin emits oil to protect itself. Sometimes the skin doesn’t understand what’s happening, so if you try to remove more oil then the skin simply emits more oil. So here your beautician should be your adviser.

8. We avoid foundation.
For most people foundation is associated with the rest of your makeup kit. Now the market has created a lot of foundations, which after applying actually look natural. They have very soft and natural shades. The purpose of foundation – in addition to being makeup – is to hydrate the skin and foremost to protect against UV rays and environmental pollution.

Foundation is like skin for your skin, it protects and hydrates. It doesn’t allow the dirt and dust to penetrate your skin, and then in the evening you can wash away all of the dirt and dust with the foundation revealing your natural protected skin.

9. Insufficient sleep and lack of water.
Like I mentioned before, during the night your skin regenerates. Long “night life” takes away from you the greatest feature of sleep which is the replenishing and regeneration aspect. What happens by nature to the skin from around 11pm until 3am cannot be replaced by even the most expensive creams!

We all know that proper hydration greatly benefits the skin. The skin begins to fade and crease when it lacks moisture. It’s best compared to grapes and raisins, with the hydrated grapes being plush and full, and then raisins wrinkled and dry.

10. Perfume.
We naturally like nice scents because it brings nice memories and it feels nice to smell good. When choosing face cosmetics, you should look for those with neutral or very gentle scents, which are non-irritating. The objective of these cosmetics isn’t for smell, we can add Perfume later. The most prominent cosmetic companies spend millions developing less fragrant cosmetics to avoid any further irritation or allergic reactions.

Some good advice would be to use just one cosmetic company’s products and not to mix several different companies. Sometimes if you mix brands it can result in an allergic reaction.

11. Bad habits
The biggest enemies to your skin are alcohol, smoking, hot water, hand washing soap, tanning beds, sunbathing without protection, frequent temperature changes, and poor diet. We are not always in control of what we expose ourselves to (e.g. computer work, work in hot or cold stores). In such cases you should take extra care of your skin by using serums, masks, and even hydrating your skin by spraying it with water.

Although you can’t avoid all damage, if you follow these guides then you can at least slow the damage and have nice skin for longer!

Good luck to all.

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