11 Mistakes you make while caring for your facial skin (Part 1)

Hello Ladies.

Today I will discuss with you the greatest mistakes – in my opinion – that people make when caring for their facial skin. You might think that some of these aren’t important but trust me when I say that all of them are. At the end of the day we all want beautiful skin, but it does require effort no matter how big or small. You might not agree with some of these but in the end it’s up to you.

1) Sun

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a good sun bathe? Of course you don’t want to miss those sunny days but let’s find out how to avoid the damage that can be caused by the Sun.

Using sun protection with the highest index is the best place to start, along with using hats, umbrellas and not staying in the sun during the hottest and most focused hours (around mid-day). While you’re young and living fast you might not immediately feel the consequences of being in the Sun. However, as you get older you’ll see the results of sun exposure in pigmentation spots, early wrinkles and dry skin. It’s no mistake that 80% of the time the Sun causes the first signs of premature aging – and that’s scientifically proven.

Spectrum A of ultraviolet light enters the connective tissues which is where it starts to have a serious effect on the collagen, resulting in the skin starting to look dry and old. Spectrum B of ultraviolet light is usually the cause of sunburn and can provoke skin cancer. Additionally UV light violates a thin film of water at the skin’s surface layer which destroys a protective layer of cells. So it’s something to think about!

2) Not enough attention is paid to cleaning the skin

The majority of this mistake is assuming that you just need to wash your face with water. In order to correctly wash your face you need to pick the correct cleanser according to your skin type. Depending on whether you have dry or oily skin you’ll need a different product.

With oily skin, washing your face is already a good thing because its regulating the excess oil and fats. On the flip-side, dry skin cleanser is designed to not let it dry out even more. Never use a tonic as a cleanser, that’s just for after cleaning and before moisturising.

While cleaning makeup from your eyes and lips you must use a different cleanser because the skin around these parts is much thinner and more sensitive. There are special products designed just for these parts which are softer on the skin. You use these by placing the special cleanser on a cotton swab and gently holding it to the eyes or lips for a few seconds for it to loosen the mascara or lipstick. Make sure you don’t rub the skin around the lips and eyes because they are sensitive!

3) Skipping morning or evening face washes

Washing your face in the evening is more or less obvious as you clearly feel that your face is dirty because of makeup and you need to wash it off. Whilst evening face washing is obvious, most people don’t cleanse their face in the morning.

It’s important to wash your face in the morning because over the night your face secretes oils which need to be cleaned before putting face cream on. For example you wouldn’t put shoe polish on shoes which are caked in mud would you? Therefore face creams should be treated the same way.

Ensuring that face creams only get applied to a clean face prevents a layer of dirt from accumulating and improves the cream’s absorption ability which allows it to do it’s job properly.

4) Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is very different in thickness and structure compared to the rest of the face. Eye skin is very thin and dry because of the lack of sebaceous glands, consequently this area needs extra special care.

Don’t we all worry about getting wrinkles around the eyes? To prevent premature wrinkles, eye cream should be applied in the morning and evening from the age of 20 onwards.

5) We warp our faces with grimaces and “unloving” expressions!

How does your face look when you apply mascara? Let me guess. Wide open mouth? Guess what? That dumb looking, wide opened mouth look not only looks ugly but it also doesn’t affect the area you’re hoping it to effect either!

Opening your mouth wide doesn’t stretch the area by your eye where you’re applying mascara. Smooching your cheeks doesn’t improve the spreadability of your foundation. However, what it does do is it earns you extra wrinkles over time!

Apply your creams and makeups with a smile and relaxed face while using light movements. The products will go where they need to go without pushing it into your face!

End of Part 1

That’s first 5 of 11 tips. Come back in a few days for the remaining 6. Until then take care of your skin and have a nice day!


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