Deluxe Waxing

One of the most effective methods of hair removal is waxing. Daiva uses only the best wax and has trained extensively to offer a unique and comfortable waxing experience.

The hair grows back much slower and weaker after waxing compared to shaving, and it also eliminates the spots and rashes caused by irritated skin from a razor. The wax goes into each hair follicle and removes it from the root instead of just cutting it. This results in clean, smooth skin that will leave you feeling relieved and calm.

Waxing is suitable for any skin type and hair can be removed from any place on the body. The most popular waxing procedures are legs, bikini, upper lip and underarms.

Many people worry that waxing isn't for them because they think that it's too painful, when in fact it's not as bad as they originally thought. Click the link to read more about how waxing is not as scary as you think.

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Sumptuous Massages

Massages of any kind are very relaxing, additionally there are many health benefits that come with them too. Professional massage improves muscle tone and skin functions, blood circulation, lymph flow and also joint flexibility. Furthermore it can help with your posture and alleviate muscle fatigue and pain. Daiva uses aromatic oils to enhance the relaxing mood along with a calm environment and peaceful music.

Find out about the many other benefits in this article that Daiva wrote about the 16 benefits of massage

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Lush Facials

Facials feel great! Not only that but they rejuvenate the skin on your face, locking in moisture and helping to reduce the effects of aging.

A professional facial from Daiva will include deep cleaning which removes the deepest layers of dirt leaving your skin fully clean. Dead skin cells will be removed which promotes new cell creation and a younger look. The facial increases collagen production and improves your complexion whilst the lavish facial massage strengthens your facial muscles. And of course while all of these great things are happening to your face you'll have the chance to really sink into a relaxing sense of calm from the sensations and calming music.

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